Hydroponic Systems for your Eco-Tunnels

Hydroponic Systems For Your Eco-Tunnels


Four decades of experience in South Africa have shown hydroponics to be an extremely effective form of cultivation.  All of the nutrients needed by your plants are provided in the water that circulates through the Hydroponic system, and no soil is used at all.

No soil-borne diseases or parasites, no hassles with poor, polluted or contaminated soils, no mess and no fuss.

A good hydroponic grow system is an investment that will provide you with abundant fresh and healthful vegetables throughout the year, an unending supply of the choicest herbs, and crop after crop of beautiful flowers in any season.

Together with the controlled environment created by your Eco-Tunnel you can grow - and eat - what you like, when you like!



to Using Our

Hydroponic Systems



  • Whatever you grow will be healthier, grow faster and have a higher yield.
  • Nutrient levels are easily monitored and maintained, ensuring maximum growth and no burning of plants.
  • No worrying about soil conditions or soil depletion.
  • No more tilling, mulching, composting, weeding, raking, digging or watering!
  • Because water is not sprayed through the air, there is much less evaporation.
  • Most pests are prevented from reaching your plants.
  • Pesticide use is dramatically reduced or eliminated completely.
  • You can grow anywhere – in your Eco-Tunnel, under shade-cloth, even indoors.
  • Completely sustainable cultivation; you can grow again and again in the same area for as long as you wish.
  • Space-saving: one square metre can produce greens for a family of four.
  • No waste products are produced by the system at all.
  • Any waste produce can be fed to free-range livestock, or can be fed to the worms in your Ezi-Worm bin.
  • Less trips to the shop for commercially-grown supermarket veggies means less petrol used and less packaging thrown away, effectively reducing your carbon footprint.
  • You can now avoid the industrially applied pesticides, preservatives and artificial ripening agents, irradiated produce and GMO’s.
  • No more sandy lettuce or spinach ever again!

Hydro-Patch Hydroponic Grow System!

Take Your Hydroponic System To the Next Level


What Is It?

Hydro-Patch is a recirculating top-feed hydroponic system that is completely automatic.

How Does It Work?

Hydro-Patch recirculates water through a closed system, saving water, conserving nutrients and saving you money.

What's In the Kit?

The standard 9 pot system covers one square metre, enough to keep a family of four in fresh greens.
Also available in 14 and 27 pot models for larger families, or for those with an eye on the bigger picture.




No bending means no sore backs! Hydro-Patch stands at a comfortable height off the ground.

No nutrient pollution of natural waters occurs through runoff or discharge of water from the system.


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