Plastic Covering for your Eco-Tunnels


Plastic Covering For Your Eco-Tunnels


For over 20 years Our Suppliers have been importing agricultural films into southern Africa from Israel, this vast experience together with there suppliers’ knowledge and expertise has ensured that our clients receive products of only the highest quality.

Our range includes the innovative Sun Selector™  products manufactured by world-renowned Ginegar Plastic Products, the first agri-film producer to use revolutionary five-layer technology with selected additives. This five-layer technology enables them to insert the additives into the films far more accurately, thus improving their performance and lifespan.

These photo-selective films are the result of high-level agronomic research and 30 years of manufacturing experience to bring the perfect combination of strength, versatility, light transmission and cost-efficiency to almost any farming application.

Ginegar is only manufacturer of 5 layered Green House Films in the world.





Ginegar Plastics Products Ltd. is Israel's largest developer and producer of cover films for agricultural applications. Ginegar's agriculture cover films rank among the leading cover products for greenhouses, and for soil protection and disinfection.

The unique mechanical, optical and thermal characteristics of Ginegar's cover films ensure greater durability, excellent resistance to hostile weather conditions, controlled light penetration, better dust resistance and reduced pest activity.

Properties of Our UVA Diffused Plastic

Driplock Diffused


150 OR 200 Microns
3 Years UV Stabilised
Super Strong
5 Layered


The application of our new manufacturing (five layers) technology enables us to process raw materials that guarantee the high mechanical strength of the cover film.

For example, the incorporation of EVA and Metallocene adds important mechanical properties to the films - strength, flexibility and compatibility with all the standards of mechanical tests.

In addition, The EVA provides transparency and thermal features. The stabilization package that includes a number of components provides long-term durability to the cover film, also under severe weather conditions.

easy-assembly-eco-tunnels Important Installation Tips


When Installing...

Make sure that the film is facing the proper direction, as indicated in the instructions supplied with the film.

Proper Installation

Helps keep the film intact and prevents tears.

When To Install?

The film should be installed during the early morning hours (cool temperature, no wind)

How To Install?

Stretch the film evenly over its entire length. Re-stretch the film after it heats up.

Qualities of Our Plastic Covering


Light Transmission (P.A.R)

The light transmission of the film indicates the percentage of light which passes from outside to the inside of the greenhouse. 

Maximal light transmission in the P.A.R range of the spectrum (400-700 nm) is required by the plants to assist in the photosynthesis and other related morphogenetic process.


Light Diffusion

Sun Selector™ light diffusion characteristics greatly improve photosynthesis efficiency by improving light dispersion. Especially important for self-shading, tall and trellised plants.


Thermal Effect (IR)

  • Sun Selector™ I.R. films prevent heat radiation loss from the Greenhouse to the atmosphere.
  • Sun Selector™ I.R. films maintain higher foliage temperatures and drier plants.
  • Sun Selector™ I.R. films reduce the incidence of frost damage.
  • Sun Selector™ I.R. films lead to saving in heating costs.


Anti Drip Action (AD)

Droplets formed on the inside surface of greenhouse films due to watercondensation can have negative consequences on the plant quality and growth, as they reduce light transmission by 15-30% and increase the incidence of certain diseases. The Anti Drip films contain special additives which eliminate individual droplets, turning them instead into a continuous thin layer of water that runs down the sides of the greenhouse roof and walls. 

Anti Drip films, when used properly, offer the following benefits:

  • More light in the greenhouse
  • Higher crop yield
  • Earlier harvesting
  • Better quality of crop, higher commercial value Fewer diseases Reduced need for Pesticides



Anti-Virus and Reduction of Mist Accumulation (Anti-mist)

  • The anti mist additive minimizes the occurrence of fog inside the greenhouse, when covered by anti drip films.
  • The Sun Selector™ film with Anti Mist additive helps to reduce leaf diseases such as phytoftora and Botrytis.
  • The Sun Selector™ film with Anti Mist additive allows maximal transmittance of light radiation in the early morning hours. Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation Absorption (Anti Virus)
  • Additives, which enable polyethylene to block the entry of U.V. radiation into the greenhouse, provide special properties to the plastic greenhouse cover.


Multi-Layer Greenhouse Cover Film - Suncover Diffused 85:
Film Usage : Greenhouse Cover
Width : Up to 16 Metres
Thickness : 150 Microns
Length : As Required


. . Test Method Units Values
Tensile Strength at Break MD ASTM D-882 MPa 27.0
TD ASTM D-882 MPa 30.0
Elongation At Break MD ASTM D-882 % 550
TD ASTM D-882 % 650
Tear Resistance MD ASTM D1922 Gr./mm 14000
TD ASTM D1922 Gr./mm 25000
Falling Dart Drop Impact ASTM D-1709 Gram 1200
Light Transmission in PAR % ASTM D-1003 - 85
Diffused Light tr. in PAR % ASTM D-1003 - 72
Diffusion of Total Light % ASTM D-1003 - 85
UV - trans. 300 - 380nm. % ASTM D-1003 - 21
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