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Eco-Tunnels are eco-friendly greenhouse tunnels made in an easy-to-assemble DIY Kit. Perfect for small urban gardeners, farmers and nursaries. We courier them all over South Africa. Door to Door. Once proof of payment is made, please allow 7 – 14 days for delivery, depending how busy we are at the time. Our tunnels are made up on order and produced locally in SA.  Click here for Eco-Tunnels Pricing

Who Can Use Our Eco Tunnels?



Beginner Growers
Experienced Growers
Rural & Urban Areas
Informal Settlements
Hydroponics / Aquaponics
Varying Weather Conditions

We Supply The Following:


Eco Tunnels

Our tunnels are made up on order and produced locally in SA.

Eco Tunnel Covers

We provide quality plastic and netting covers for our eco-tunnels

Hydroponic Systems

Our hydroponic systems are easy to use, soil-less and extremely effective for growing plants & vegetables

Heirloom Seeds

We provide heirloom seed gift packs

Benefits of Our Eco-Tunnels




tomatoes eco tunnels

Reap what you sow with the delights of hydroponic and tunnel farming

As any keen gardener will tell you, creating that optimal environment for your seeds to sprout is essential for enjoying a bountiful harvest. The ecological farming environments of Eco Tunnels do just that – they provide optimal growing conditions so that you can enjoy the cream of the crop – be it fruit, vegetables or any other plantforms. Easy to assemble, rust proof, durable and efficient – our  greenhouse tunnels are comfortably capable of producing the most impressive of yields, all year round.

From a novice to a seasoned gardener the benefits of growing in a greenhouse tunnel are evident to all. The products that we offer are simple – they’re easy to install and easy to use thereafter. So, whether you’re experienced in cultivating your own crops or you’ve decided to try something new in your garden or plot of land, we have exactly what you need to succeed.


So, what do you get with our tunnel farming products?


In addition to them being made from the strongest, thickest greenhouse plastic available on the market – 200 micron UV resistant, imported from Israel – you will be treated to a three year guarantee. In case desired, you’ll be able to cut the plastic to the exact dimensions of your ideal tunnel, and you even have the option of covering your tunnel with 40% black / white shade netting to protect your produce from any pests or searing temperatures outside.

Anchored to the ground, our  Eco tunnels will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. PVC UV resistant structure has a fifty year lifespan and the plastic itself lasts about 10 years.




The additional benefits of our greenhouse tunnels cannot be understated

Extending your growing season and using less water to nurture your plants is only the start. Shield your plants from disease and wipe out the effects of solar radiation in one fell swoop with our globally sought-after products. These are just some of the additional benefits of investing in one of the most economical yet innovative gardening products available today.

The DIY kit couldn’t be easier to assemble and our comprehensive manual outlines everything that you’ll ever need to know about growing – in no time at all you’ll be able to get into the garden and enjoy a harvest to be proud of.

Please take some time browsing our products. Our nationwide Eco Tunnels and hydroponic Systems and Worm Bins has something for every gardening enthusiast, plant grower and farmer in South Africa. We deliver throughout South Africa within 7-14 days.

To find out more simply call: 081 – 3926048 or email ecotunnels@gmail.com today.

Each Tunnel Comes with a Gift Pack of Heirloom Seeds


heirloom seeds eco tunnelsHeirloom seeds are precious! Some of these seeds date back hundreds of years and have developed their strength over long periods of time to withstand the vagarities of climate and resilience.

The purity of heirloom seeds allows us to produce harvest that we know will be same as the parent plants.

Heirloom seeds are the original seeds, untampered with by human hands and certainly not genetically modified, essential for our worldwide food security!

To learn how to grow your vegetables organically, click here: http://www.soughtafterseedlings.co.za


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