Brazil Takes on Colombia in Copa America 2024: How to Watch Live, TV Channels, and Streaming Options

Brazil Takes on Colombia in Copa America 2024: How to Watch Live, TV Channels, and Streaming Options
  • 3 Jul 2024

Brazil vs. Colombia: The Crucial Clash in Copa America 2024

The excitement is palpable as Brazil is set to face Colombia in what promises to be a thrilling matchup in the Copa America 2024 group stage. This high-stakes game is scheduled for Tuesday, July 2, at 9 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. PDT). The venue for this much-anticipated clash is Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, a site known for hosting numerous key sporting events over the years. With so much on the line for both teams, fans around the globe are eagerly awaiting kick-off.

What’s at Stake?

For Colombia, the match serves as an opportunity to solidify their dominant performance in the group stage. Having already clinched a spot in the quarterfinals with a perfect 2-0-0 record and six points, they enter this game with a sense of confidence and momentum. Their journey to this point has been nothing short of impressive; they started strong by defeating Paraguay 2-1 and continued their winning streak with a commanding 3-0 victory over Costa Rica.

Brazil's High-Stakes Battle

On the other hand, Brazil finds itself in a more precarious position. After a shaky start, drawing 1-1 with Costa Rica and then claiming a critical 4-1 win over Paraguay, the Seleção needs to either win or draw against Colombia to secure their quarterfinal berth. The team's inconsistent performance has raised questions, but there's no doubt about the talent and potential within the squad. This match against Colombia is crucial for their progress in the tournament and for restoring the faith of their passionate fan base.

Where to Watch the Match

Where to Watch the Match

The game will be televised live on FS1 and TUDN, making it accessible to a wide audience. For those who prefer streaming, the match will also be available on popular platforms such as FuboTV, SlingTV, and DirecTV Stream. These options provide fans the flexibility to catch all the action whether they're at home or on the go.

Colombia’s Recent Performance

Colombia has been one of the standout teams in the tournament so far. Before the Copa America kicked off, they sent a strong message by thrashing the United States 5-1 in an international friendly. Their on-field strategy and execution have been spot on, with their offense and defense working in perfect harmony. The team is composed of seasoned professionals and emerging talents, making them a formidable opponent for any team, including Brazil.

Brazil’s Up-and-Down Journey

Brazil's journey in this year's Copa America has been a tale of highs and lows. The team initially struggled to find its rhythm, managing only a 1-1 draw against Costa Rica. However, in their next match, they rebounded strongly with a convincing 4-1 victory over Paraguay. The match against Colombia is seen as a litmus test, where Brazil needs to bring its A-game to advance in the tournament and silence critics who have questioned their form.

Additional Matches and Viewership

While Brazil versus Colombia is set to be the highlight, there’s another exciting game on the same night: the United States will be up against Panama at 9 p.m. EDT. This match is also scheduled to be broadcast on FS1 and TUDN, and live streams will be available on the aforementioned streaming services. For soccer enthusiasts, July 2 is shaping up to be a night packed with top-tier football action.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

Both Colombia and Brazil enjoy immense support from their fans, and this match is expected to draw a huge viewership both in the stadium and through broadcasts around the world. Social media is already buzzing with predictions, discussions, and excitement in anticipation of the game. For fans, this match is more than just a group-stage encounter; it’s a chance to see some of the best football talents showcasing their skills on an international stage.

Key Players to Watch

As with any major sporting event, individual performances can turn the tide of a match. For Colombia, players like James Rodriguez and Duvan Zapata have been in stellar form, consistently delivering when it matters most. Brazil, too, boasts an array of stars such as Neymar and Gabriel Jesus, who will be eager to make their mark in this crucial game. These key players are expected to play pivotal roles, and their actions on the field could very well determine the outcome of the match.

Strategies and Team Dynamics

Strategies and Team Dynamics

Both teams are known for their tactical acumen and will likely come prepared with well-thought-out strategies. Colombia's coach has emphasized a solid defensive structure combined with quick counter-attacks, a strategy that has served them well so far. Brazil, on the other hand, focuses on maintaining possession and exerting pressure through relentless attacking play. The clash of these contrasting styles is one of the elements that make this game so intriguing.

Historical Context

Whenever Brazil and Colombia face off, it’s not just about the present; there's a rich history that adds layers to the encounter. Both teams have had memorable battles in the past, often producing thrilling and closely contested matches. This historical rivalry adds to the narrative, making each encounter not just a game but a chapter in a long-standing football saga.


As the countdown to kick-off continues, the anticipation only grows. Fans of both teams, as well as neutral football enthusiasts, are preparing for what promises to be a dramatic and high-energy game. With so much at stake, from quarterfinal berths to national pride, this Brazil vs. Colombia match in Copa America 2024 is set to be a must-watch event. Make sure to tune in on FS1 or TUDN, or stream it live to catch every moment of the action. It's not just a game; it's a spectacle, a showdown that encapsulates the spirit and excitement of Copa America.

Posted By: Oliver Jamison

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